Lush Haul

Hey guys! Its been a whole 8 months since I’ve shown you one of my lush hauls, I can’t believe its been that long! I love Lush so much, they do the best smelling products and also raise money for really good causes. Bath bombs are probably my favourite products of theirs that they do, however I really like the face masks so they are probably a very close first. Who doesn’t like the bath bombs though? Here is what I bought..

1. Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds 

image image image

Is it me or does this sound like John Green’s next book? It’s got such a dreamy name to it. This turns your bath sky blue and makes it super bubbly. I’ve not seen a Lush bath bomb give this much bubbles out before. The description for this is perfect, “When you need to get away from it all, this bubble bar will help you float off”, it does just that. The smell is amazing and helps me unwind. This is a new favourite of mine.

2. Creamy Candy 

image image image

This smells so good that I could eat it! It’s one of my favourite smelling ones, I’ve just ordered 2 more. Its got a real pick n mix/sweet shop smell, and is one that kids will love. This turns the bath into a baby pink colour and adds the perfect amount of bubbles to relax. I also love the fact it makes my skin really soft after using. Its a real girly girl bath bomb and one of the cheapest bubble bars.

3. Melting Marshmallow 

image image

One of my all time favourites, I need to keep calling these all my favourites, but I love them for different things. I love the sweetness of this one, it smells exactly like marshmallows! This turns your bath a nice shade of pink. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. A must have if you ask me..

4. The Comforter 

image image image

The comforter does just what it says in the title, it comforts you. Blackcurrants and berries, a fruity fragrance this one is. Also I should point out that I only use half of the bath bombs I’ve mentioned, some of the bigger ones I use half of a half, so you get a good amount of use from them. The bubble bar produces lots of bubbles,there’s no wonder why this one has been available for a long period of time.

Does anyone have a favourite out of the four I’ve mentioned?

A x


4 thoughts on “Lush Haul

  1. The comforter is one of my favourites too, I love the scent and how bubbly it makes the water! I recently picked up creamy candy but I haven’t used it yet, you’ve made me even more excited to try it now xxx


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