Tanya Burr Lip Gloss In Lunch Date

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What a long week this has been, I’m so glad it’s Friday and can’t wait to relax the whole weekend. Anyways I wanted to talk to you about this lip gloss by the lovely Tanya Burr. I don’t always want to wear lipstick and lip liner, sometimes I just want something that’s effortless and more natural, so I picked up this lip gloss in Lunch Date. This was a hard choice though seeing as I wanted her entire collection as its a gorgeous range. I had the same problem choosing nail varnishes. I went to untwist the lid when I was overwhelmed by the smell. It smells like sweets and candy floss, its amazing! It goes on the lips smoothly and gives them a real nice shine and a glossy finish. I definitely will be purchasing more of these, the hardest part is choosing which ones next?!

Whats your favourite Tanya Burr lip gloss? Any recommendations?

A x 


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