Christmas Paperchase Haul

“It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrr!”

I get quite a lot, “Amy it’s only November”. November you say? Today it’s only 42 days away, which is only 6 Saturdays away. Here’s a little fact for you, before the tradition of turkey for Christmas, in England it was to have a pig’s head and mustard. THANKYOU to the person who changed this! The thought of that is rather repulsive. Anyways everyone knows how much I love Christmas, although my second favourite time of the year is bonfire night, so being the Christmas spirited person I am, I just had to get my wrapping things. It just had to be done. Not even sorry. Yes I am one of those, who like to make their presents all fancy, and put ribbons and bows on and seal every gap I can possibly see. Lets face it, is it even Christmas if you struggle to open a present? Oh and by the way, my photos were starting off really well, until the batteries in my camera decided to die. I even looked in every gadget in the house, and tried all the batteries. However, I either live in a house full of flat batteries, or my camera just wants its own fresh new ones. I’m afraid this means, I had to use my iPhone camera, and the app Snapchat. Who else finds that Snapchat takes better pictures? Strange. Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling now and get on with it, not going to lie though, I did not hold back..


Bows are always an essential for me, and so easy too. If you don’t have the time for ribbon, bows is the answer. I must admit I have never seen a massive variety of bows, accept for the ones at Paperchase, and I was spoilt for choice. I managed to narrow it down to just 4 different sets though. Although I could be back for more! I love that you can buy certain things in bulk this year, so if you have a lot of people to get for, then this might be an option. I do have a lot of people to get for, however I like to mix and match, so I got a bit of everything. img_6783

(From Left To Right, Kraft Red Dot Mini Gift Bows Set Of 3 – £1.50& Kraft Silver Stars Mini Gift Bows Set Of 3 – £1.50)


Starting off with these beautiful Kraft bows.  I love the detail on them and the shine. The colours are also very Christmassy and they are a good size to stick on your presents. They are also available in the colour green. Very cute!


( From Left To Right, Mini Metallic Christmas Gift Bows, Set Of 12 – £2.50 & Multi Christmas Bow And Ribbon, Box Of 9 – £1.75)


Multipacks are always an essential for me, and when I saw both packs of these, I just had to get them. I love the smaller sized bows on the left and I also love the matte colour of the bows on the right. I like how colourful they are too. Again the ones on the right are available in another set of colours, of greens, whites and pinks.

Gift Tape

Your probably think, really tape? Tapes just tape right? Your wrong! I first discovered these printed tapes last year on Paperchase and this year,  it was the first priority on my list to get. They just jazz up your presents a lot, rather than your standard tape, which is fine, I still use it, but if you just want to add a little something, then these tapes are perfect!


(From Left To Right, Hand Drawn Characters Christmas Gift Tape 50m – £2.50 & Merry Christmas Gift Tape 50m – £2.50 & Nutcrackers Christmas Gift Tape 50m – £2.50)

Its hard to pick a favourite out of these because I love them all! I somehow managed to get two of the merry Christmas ones though, either because I hadn’t checked my basket properly, (I wouldn’t put it past myself!) or they had accidently gave me two, as I purchased everything online. I’m not complaining though, they will get used. I wish I had picked the other design up now though, which was dinosaurs with Christmas hats on. Maybe I’ll sneakily pick this up when I next see a Paperchase. Can you see why I love these tapes now?

Present Toppers

Present toppers make everything extra special, and there is literally sooooo much choice. That isn’t even an exaggeration! I struggled on which ones to pick. Also they make your presents look like you’ve put a lot of effort in, when really you just tied them around the present! These are what are really tempting me to start my wrapping now! Don’t judge me.. img_6794

(From Left To Right, Cream Wreath Christmas Present Topper – £2.50 & Elf Felt Christmas Present Topper – £2.50 & Celebrate Christmas Topper – £2.50)

I mean just look at them. Pictures don’t do them any justice really. They are the perfect finishing touch to any present. They have a very good length of ribbon attached as well. I don’t know what else to say, I think they speak for themselves really. There are soooo many designs, not just the ones I’ve shown, so good luck picking your faves!


(From Left To Right, Green Pom Pom Medium Christmas Gift Bows, Set Of 2 – £2.25 & Red And White Curl Gift Bows, Set Of 3 – £1.75)

Don’t have time to tie ribbons around? All you do with these is peel the backs off, and stick them on! They make any present look just a little bit more jazzy! Who doesn’t love pom poms as well at the moment?! They are also available in red, and  the curly ones are also available in silver and gold.

Gift Trim

Who knew there were so many different wrapping accessories! Like ribbon, there is gift trim! I didn’t even know this existed until I purchased these, but I love how cute the designs are. They are such a fun way to wrap your presents, and will create a great reaction from the people who receive them. Arghh this is making me so excited now! Its never too early!


(From Left To Right, Gold Leaf Gift Trim – £2.50 & Mini Christmas Lights Gift Trim – £2.50)

My favourite has to be the little lights, I mean it doesn’t get any cuter than that. The pictures don’t do them both any justice. They are both 2m in length, which is a perfect length to create that finishing touch to your presents. There are lots of different designs to choose from, but these 2 were my favourites and also my cats favourites too!


I love ribbon, you can do some many different things with it, when it comes to decorating. Ribbon is one of the original accessories when it comes to wrapping, and even know you get all these new accessories, a present wouldn’t be the same, if it wasn’t tied around with ribbon. This year I’ve gone for a colourful theme, and obviously a lot of glitter and sparkles!


(From Left To Right, Classic Glitter Christmas Ribbons – Set Of 6 – £3.50 & Tinsel Christmas Ribbon – Set Of 3 – £2.50)


I love the idea of having tinsel ribbon, I have never seen anything like it before. I also love the 6 mini ribbons, that come in 6 different sparkly colours. These ribbons are also available in other colours. What I love most about both sets, is how I can buy these in packs of 3 and 6, and different varieties you can get within the packs.

(From Left To Right, Red Glitter Christmas Ribbon 3m – £2 & Nutcrackers Christmas Ribbon 3m – £2)

I also love the chunky ribbons you can get as well. The red sparkly one is like Santa’s belt and how adorable is the nutcracker ribbon! I love the detailing, and this would look great with the matching wrapping paper and gift tags. 3m is the perfect length for larger presents, or perhaps you could wrap a few small ones.

StickersAnother priority for me when it comes to wrapping accessories. Stickers are a great alternative to gift tags. Plus overexcited children, are more likely to see who their present’s are from haha! You can use these also as an alternative to gift tape, simply use the stickers as present seals!


(From Left To Right, Nutcracker Christmas Gift Stickers, Set Of 44 – £2 & Hand Drawn Christmas Present Seals, Pack Of 60 – £2.75)


Here I decided to get a pack for the children’s presents I need to wrap, and a pack for the adults presents I need to wrap. I love both of the designs and the detailing. I use these just to stick on top of the presents, or to put on the front of envelopes. They are a real cute finish, and super easy!

Gift TagsWho doesn’t love a good old fashioned gift tag? Especially if they are sparkly! Paperchase have the widest range of gift tags I have ever seen!


(From Left To Right, Multi Glitter Christmas Gift Tags, Set Of 10 – £1.75 & Green Glitter Christmas Gift Tags, Set Of 10 – £1.75)


It was a struggle to pick which gift tags to go for, however glitter is essential for me, so I went for these and I love them that much, I’m going to get some more. The more sparkle, the better for me! Lots of room to write what you want to right on them, and good value for money. They also go great with any wrapping paper!

That concludes my Paperchase haul and if you do want to get yourself some bits, they have 3 for 2 on most wrapping paper, but also at the moment, they have 3 for 2 on all wrapping accessories as well, so get yourself a bargain! Thank you Paperchase for another year, where I can make my Christmas presents, look really special!

To shop all of the Paperchase Christmas wrap and accessories range, visit the link here:


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