A New Look


Hey guys! I have been unhappy with the layout and overall look of my blog for a while now. I just felt like I hadn’t put the time it should get into it. To do this I decided I was going to take a few days off blogging and spend some time on deciding a layout and a look for my blog that I was happy with and that I thought you guys would be happy with. I am aware it used to look bland and unexciting, who would want to visit my blog when it looks less attractive than a baboons bottom. I am now very pleased with the layout of my blog for now, I love the beach picture I had taken not so long ago, the beach is my favourite place and because of that I put some use to it. Plus it makes my blog look brighter. I’ve also changed the background to just a white as I think that would be easier for everyone to read. My blog is now more mobile friendly too. I have also twerked a few other bits, for it to look better.

I hope most of you like it,

A x


2 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. When ai first started blogging, I did not think much of how important the layout should be. In my mind was to keep on writting and blogging atleast a post each and every day. Then only a few months back when I started to turn on the blogging switch to become more serious on my blogging, I even took local blogging courses on how to set up my blog (which was helpful and eye-opening). I learned that blogging theme is more or less like picking the books you read. No 1: We go for books titles that are interesting No: 2 We look at the book cover to see how interesting it looks No: 3 We look at the sypnopsis of the book (my little bad habit) No: 4 I always read the last page of the book to see how good is the ending). If you cannot let go of the book because of those 3 points (in my case 4 points :p) hihi. Then that book is a keeper πŸ˜€

    Now I too am browsing at themes and my plan is to change the theme atleast every twice a year just to keep the readers on their toes and having a fresh new look. Thanks for sharing your outlook πŸ˜€ looking forward to your next post. Don’t forget to visit me toos at http://www.21stcenturysarah.com

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    1. When I started blogging I thought the content was more important than the look, I am now on a blogging course, which talks about having a play about with the themes. I originally wasn’t going to change it but the more themes I previewed themes, the more I realised that my blog looked really basic. You are so right about the book thing though and now I realise why it’s important. I’m going to look at your blog now πŸ™‚

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