Silverstone Tour

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Not so long ago my boyfriend and I went on a Silverstone tour. This approximately lasted for about 2 hours and I recommend this too all Silverstone fans, it’s a must, and would make a great present. You get to go around areas that you wouldn’t usually be able to go in and get to see mainly all of Silverstone. We got took around The Presidents Suite, stand on the podium, go into workshops and that’s just some of the things. There is definitely plenty of photo opportunities for all you motorsport fans. Don’t worry about the weather either, half of it your in a mini bus, the rest is mainly indoors, trust me I know because it rained when we went. They do have a gift shop to, where you can buy caps, t-shirts, jumpers etc. There is also a cafe there too, although we went to Frankie and Bennys, which was just a short journey away. Staff were very friendly, with a lot of banter, and if you had any questions they would answer them to the best they can. This is very informative and if your into F1 or motogp, you would be crazy not to go and see the tour.

You can buy tickets from here:

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