Another Amazing Nail Colour From Rimmel

image image image

(Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish In Port A Loo Blue £2.99)

I should paint my nails more, I just get put off because when I’m at work, my job is very hands on and even with a top coat, my nails chip. That’s not the only reason though, as much as they look pretty, once I’ve painted one hand, I get bored and don’t put as much effort into the other hand so it looks messy. Then there’s painting your toes, I do this very rarely but with the warm weather coming, I decided to do this the other week and I forgot  how pretty it looked. That doesn’t stop me from buying nail polish though, and when it comes to the Rita Ora range in the Rimmel collection, I just can’t help myself.

I really love the bottle on this and as it is the summer collection, it has cute little daisys all over the lid, this makes it look modern, summery, fashionable and it stands out. I got this in the shade “port a loo blue”. I love the name and all the other names for the polishes in this collection. The finish this gives my nails is a real shine, I was really impressed and it only took 2 coats, however saying that, just one coat would of been fine but for my own personal preference I did 2. The time this takes to dry is really quick, which is perfect for busy lives. I used this without a top coat over the top and this lasted for a week! It’s amazing and I love this collection. I can’t wait to buy more colours!

Who has a favourite colour from this range?

A x


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