Why Being Single Is Not A Bad Thing


When did the ultimate goal in life become about finding the one?

Don’t get me wrong it would be nice, but why has that become the focus point in life? Why are we not focusing on living life to the full, and other things bringing us happiness, rather than relying on finding another person to bring us happiness? Doesn’t make sense does it? When we get out of relationships, friends will tell us they will set us up with their friends etc, like we need to have that, and they are only looking out for us, but the truth is we don’t need that. What I’m getting at, is we don’t need to have someone to be happy. We are so surrounded by, friends, family, media etc who many are in relationships, that we think we are doing something wrong by not being in one. I am here to tell you, that you’re not.

Apart from the obvious of not having to share food (priorities I know) there are lots of positives of being single. The main one is we get to work on ourselves. We get to improve and be the best possible versions of ourselves, and rely on us as our own person, to make us happy, rather than what we think someone else should be doing to make us happy. Spending time alone gives us great opportunities to be able to do this. Recently I have made more and more time without my phone, and do you know what, after a few times, you will instantly see what an improvement that makes. The world can fall apart without you for a day, or a half a day, few hours etc. We need to look after ourselves. We need rest and that is completely ok.

As well as resting, fitness can also do a world of good! It doesn’t have to be as brutal as your probably thinking, it could just be going for a walk, but it will amaze you how much better you feel afterwards, its honestly done a world of good for my mental health, and I would never give it up now. I always try to exercise 4 times a week, you don’t have to do as much as that, but anything is a bonus. Another thing you can look into is starting a new hobby. Do something you’ve always wanted to try but keep putting off. Life is all about experiencing as much as you can, so do these things, push yourself out of your comfort zone and even if you don’t enjoy things, you can at least say you got to try and experience them.

Explore! You can do lots of things on your own, you don’t need to be with someone to do them things. There is absolutely no shame in that. You can go shopping, watch a film, go to museums (I think I’m gonna do this) take tours at historical grounds, go on a singles holiday etc. The world is your oyster. Whilst I’m on about the world being our oysters, why not write down some goals. Write down what you want to achieve in, 3 months, 6 months, a year etc, then make a plan and how are you going to achieve those goals.

Other really good things to enjoy are the fact you don’t have to worry about someone else being loyal to you, literally just focus on yourself, have less presents to buy all year round, watch what you want on t.v, the positives are endless. We need to stop thinking we need someone to be happy, because as harsh as it sounds, we don’t. Someone could add to your happiness, but there are plenty of things that can make you happy, starting with loving yourself.

A x


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