My Listening Ear – Week 9


Hey everyone, sorry this is late again, but better late than never, I’m really hoping that next week, things on this blog will be back to normal again. I hope everyone is still keeping safe and well. Next week I’m thinking of dedicating the next music post, to songs you have suggested to me, and if there is still something you want to suggest to me, leave a comment or contact me. I might be just speaking for myself but I think music is playing a big part of life at the moment, and helping us get through and adapting to these new changes of living.

Julia Michaels – ANXIETY ft. Selena Gomez

There couldn’t of been a more perfect duo to sing this, there voices go so well together as well. The song is beautiful and there couldn’t be a more relatable song out there to me at the moment than this. In 4 minutes this song has literally described my life. I am getting better, not that I’ve been able to do this for a while because of lockdown, but I use to cancel a lot of plans because of anxiety, and then wish I was with my friends straight after,  it’s such a hard thing to explain, and probably doesn’t make much sense to some of you, but when you are dealing with those emotions, your constantly swinging between two different parts of your mind on what you want and don’t want to do, or want to do but feel like you can’t physically do, so yeah I really like this song because it speaks to my heart.

Sody – Bedroom Ceiling

Seriously go check out Sody’s music, she hasn’t done one bad song yet. Her vocals are so clean and effortless, she is seriously underrated as an artist. Every song she does is so captivating, there isn’t many artists that can do this anymore. P.S I would really like her Jurassic Park jumper please?

Maisie Peters – Worst Of You

I’ve never fallen in love with a song so quickly than I have this. Another really beautiful song and so underrated. I think we have all been in a relationship like this, when its all on one persons terms.

Hailee Steinfeld – Wrong Direction

This song made me cry the first time I heard it, especially the very first verse it hit me really hard, like I felt it in my heart. The way she says she doesn’t hate someone, she just hates all the pain someone put her through, I completely get that. I don’t hate anyone, because I feel like hate is a very strong word, that gets misused a lot. I say I hate some qualities of people but never that I actually hate someone, like she says, she hates the pain that person has put her through. I feel that, with more than one person unfortunately and that isn’t just relationships either, it applies to a few people, I think this is why it got to me so much, it just connected with my heart.

Alessia Cara – I Choose  

My favourite song of Alessia’s is “Here” I feel like it sums me up in social situations so well haha. I listened to this the other day and instantly loved it, its so beautiful and feels like it belongs to a film, it probably does but I wouldn’t know. It’s quite an interesting song with the lyrics, as it can be adapted to whoever and however you want, but its also a nice little positive tune. It would actually make a good first dance song at a wedding, if it’s your kind of thing.

Noah Kahan – Anyway

Just wow. This brought a lot of things to home. “I hope I ain’t the last of what the world left of you” is such a power lyric, it hit straight to the heart. For me its about someone who is going through some kind of mental health illness and the other person telling them they are going to be there for them, telling them they will be the light they can’t make, which is again another stunning lyrics. I wish I had that rather than someone labelling me a psycho. This is my song of the week.

Sam Tompkins – You Broke My Heart So Gently

I have been following Sam for a long time now, and if you haven’t checked out his music yet, I would suggest you do, as I think he is going to be the next big thing. He is an extremely talented musician and I really love the dynamics of this song, everything is just so pure.

A x


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