“Hey, Hello, Hi”

My name is Amy, I’m 19 and I live in a small village, in the lovely countryside, in Lincolnshire, Uk. 

One lonely long evening after just watching my daily dose of Hollyoaks, I got very bored.  I started reading other people’s blogs that I follow when it hit me, I can do this. I can apply my knowledge and share with everyone else who decides to read it, so that’s what I did. Littlemissminor  was born. In my posts you will find things about, fashion, travel, beauty, baking and cooking, photography, etc. Everything and anything I think will benefit and interest you, I will post. I hope you don’t leave empty handed. 

Thank you, to those of you who take the time to read, comment and show an interest in my posts. I hope I’ve been able to help at least some of you, with my knowledge in any area that you’ve needed it. I will continue to post for as long as you continue to read. 

Thanks again, 

Amy x