Don’t Forget To Follow Me On..

Helloooo, I hope you've all had a nice weekend, I am aware this post is later than usual, I've just been really busy at the moment, so I thought I'd give you a list of ways you can follow me. I will try my best to follow you back. 🙂 Instagram If if you just… Continue reading Don’t Forget To Follow Me On..


My Apologies!

Hello everyone! I've just realized that I told you guys that you can now like my Facebook page but today I realized it doesn't exist, so I'm not really sure what happened there! I have made a new one now and its definitely there, I've made sure! If you did want to, then all you… Continue reading My Apologies!


Having My Own Facebook Page

You can now like my facebook page! All you have to do is type in my blog name "littlemissminor" and it should come up. On my page it will give you a chance to see what I'm getting up to, photos, and keep you up to date on when I write a new post. On… Continue reading Having My Own Facebook Page