Black With A Pop Of Colour

Just some style inspiration..   Black With A Pop Of Colour by littlemissminor95 featuring a mint green backpack Crewneck sweater £29 - avawilde.com Topshop high waisted skinny jeans topshop.com Nike trainers £59 - italist.com Vera Bradley mint green backpack £68 - verabradley.com I Love Ugly stainless steel watch £69 - revolve.com Snap back hat £17 - teamxirix.com A x


Monochrome Outfit Of The Day

Iv'e not posted these last few days, Monday I wasn't feeling too great and yesterday I sat on my sofa for 2 hours straight and just had the biggest writers block ever, so I'm back today with an outfit post. I got this blouse from Hollister ages ago, I love the collar of it. The… Continue reading Monochrome Outfit Of The Day