Tis The Season To Be Jolly….. Or Not



We are coming up to that time of the year again! It is Christmas Eve 16 weeks today! Who’s excited? Who’s not? Who’s thinking don’t remind me? I always get the out come don’t remind me at work. I must admit I have started my Christmas shopping already, not because I’m a mad woman, but because I like to be organised. It’s really hard to not shop for yourself when it comes to Christmas shopping. It just happens when I look for presents, everything I like is on some kind of Christmas offer.

So what is it about Christmas that we all like? Is it the coca cola advert… “Holidays are coming, holidays are coming” sorry, I couldn’t resist. Is it the warm cosy wintery nights, with mugs of hot chocolate. Is it the food, chocolate and big plates of Christmas dinner, that everyone calls Christmas dinner, but it’s a roast. Christmas tree hunting is a good one and when people decorate their house in lights, I bet America is great for that one! In fact I’d love to go to America for Christmas. However I’m sure on everyone’s list it’s spending time with your very special people, your family. 

Have I just got you excited? Or have I made you think this lady is crazy! Here’s some tips from me on Christmas 🙂

  • Buy gift tags, cards, wrapping decorations, wrapping paper, about end of December when it all goes in the sale, and put it away for next year, it will save you money. 
  • If you don’t feel like wrapping, take some presents and some paper round, to a charity of your choice and give them money for the charity to wrap your presents.
  • Shop around, chances are, you find the exactly same thing your looking for, cheaper on the internet. 
  • Write down a budget for each person, then you can stick to it and not leave yourself broke by the time it’s Christmas. 
  • Put some money away each month for Christmas presents, some companies will take it from your pay slip if you want them too, and give it to you at the end of the year.

A x


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