Murder Mystery Evening

Hey guys! On Saturday I had one of my Christmas presents early. I went to a murder mystery party near York. This was so much fun. When we arrived at the Best Westerm Hotel, I couldn’t of asked for better service. We had an easy check in, the manager was lovely and carried our bags upstairs. There was big staircases, with paintings hung up on the Victorian decored walls. We was on the top floor.  Our room was so big and spacious. We had our own lounge bit, double bed, ironing board & iron, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, hairdryer, dressing table, wardrobe, shampoo & shower gel etc. We even had free wifi. We was made to feel  really comfortable. Yes the floorboards creaked and the sofa was a bit hard but it’s an old building and the sofa was all part of the Victorian look. I couldn’t complain about anything to do with the room.


After we got ready, we went to the bar for 7pm. There was about 93 of us. They said they usually like to stick to 80 otherwise they worry that people won’t be able to here them or they’ll get lost in the plot, however they did it with 93. As we was waiting me and my boyfriend got a drink. There was women dressed up in sparkly dresses, and feathers, and men in ties and suits with fake moustaches, if you’ve seen the film The Great Gatsby, just picture that. We didn’t dress up as it’s our first time and we didn’t know what to expect but it is optional. Then we was escorted to the dining room, where the fun began! 


There were table of tens, dotted around the room, with your last names on and that’s where you sat. You then got to meet the people your on the table with. We got on really well with our table, which made the night more enjoyable. Then the drama started. As we got talking to the characters and getting ourselves into character, an investigator said loud and clear, that there had been a murder. We then got to ask each character that came at our table questions, trying to get as much out of them as we could, while we was doing this our first course came, a delicious tomato soup with a hot, doughy bread roll. Then the investigator put up some evidence on the walls, where we then had a look at, and see if we could find out any clues as to who did it. 

When talking about the evidence we just read, the investigator then took my partners name down in his notebook, and asked if he had ever killed someone before. Which led us to both burst into laughter, he then went on to say, “do you find this funny”. I was amazed at how well each actor stayed into character. Our second course came. We had a succulent  bit of chicken, crispy roast potatoes, with vegetables. One word…. yummy! Another lot of evidence got stuck on the walls. This is when it kicked off big time, there was arguments with the investigator and arguments with each character, even a lesbian love triangle. This is when you could see characters stuttering and looking shifty. More questioning the characters took place.

imageDesert came. A mouthwatering chocolate fudge cake with strawberries. This was one of the best puddings I’ve ever had. The last bit of evidence got put up, which then led the characters to point the blame at each other. More things unraveled, more arguments happened, even a slap across the face! Then all of a sudden another death happened! A double murder! We then got to question the characters again. Then finally we was told to put who we thought had killed each of the people down. We thought we had it right however to our surprise, we was nowhere near! Chocolates were given out to third and second place, and wine I think to the first place. Then chocolates got given out to the best dressed table and you got to talk to the actors out of character. They were all lovely and so down to earth, I even got the company’s business card and I shall definitely be booking another one again. 

Overall, the staff were so friendly, lovely and welcoming. All the food was lovely, we had breakfast there too and that was delicious. The murder mystery company were absolutely brilliant! The script was well written. I shall put the link to there website below. This was one of the best nights I’ve had, it was so much fun and something just that little bit different, I would definitely recommend. 

Company: Murder By Invitation

P.S sorry I didn’t get any pictures, it just wasn’t that kind of event.

A x


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