Barry M Lip Paint

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Hey guys! It is so so cold here in Lincolnshire, Uk. Who thinks we’ll have a white Christmas? Anyways I am so tired as I’ve been up since 4 this morning, because I had work at 5 till 12, and that’s what you get when you work in a factory that does lots and lots of orders for different company’s around the world, as I don’t know if you know, but no one usually works at the weekends at my work unless it’s overtime. 

I thought I’d do a makeup review today, on the Barry M lip paints, I know they have been around for aaaages, however Barry M is a popular makeup brand so I’m going to let you guys know what I think…

I have 2 of these lip paints, one in pillow box red and the other in marshmallow. They are perfect for creating a matte finish. The colours appear on your lips exactly like how you can see them in the tube. It takes a lot to wash the colour off your lips which is a good thing. The only thing I would say is this doesn’t keep your lips hydrated, and if you’ve got dry lips, then I would moisturise your lips before or put a lip balm on before, as it can draw attention to dryness and look flakey, I know this because I have quite dry lips. Overall they are good lipsticks but not ones I’d wear for everyday use.

What’s everyone else’s opinions on these? 

Featured: Barry M Lip Stains 

A x


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