Christmas Party

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Hey guys! On Saturday I had my works Christmas party at Grand Central, Skegness. It was so much better than what I was expecting and I was really impressed. It ended up being a really good night. I have been there clubbing, but not to one of their events but now I’ve been to one, I wouldn’t hesitate going to another one. Here’s how my night went.. 🙂


We arrived at our reception where we ordered our drinks. I had Archers and Lemonade and that was my drink all night. We was also got given a glass of champaign which had like a strawberry taste to it, it was gorgeous, I don’t usually like champagne but whatever was in this was nice. Then we  just we got seated at our tables and had a good old chit chat. There’s was candles, crackers, and napkins in wine glasses. 


Our first course came, I had a tomato and basil soup, with a buttered bread roll. It was really nice and I was cold so it warmed me up. Second course was a fish course. I don’t like fish and I didn’t really like this, but it wasn’t too bad. It was like cod in a creamy sauce with a dollop of mash potato. I would of liked to of taken some pictures of the food but the lighting was too dark. Third course was lemon sorbet. I’ve not had a sorbet before, however I think I liked this. It was icy cold and has a bit of a kick to it, but I ate it. Apparently having a sorbet clears your throat for your main course, where you can then taste it better. Fourth course was turkey with cheesy topped mash, pig in blankets, stuffing and peas with a help yourself to carrots and Brussels sprouts. I was stuffed by then but so so nice. The last course was a trio of chocolates which was actually a layered chocolate mousse, with milk, dark and white chocolate. Yum! 


Time was going so fast and before we knew it, it was time for the cabaret. The singers were actually really good they sung songs like, Grease Lightening, Your The One That I Want, Let It Go, Footloose, and some songs from Dirty Dancing, but my mind has gone so blank I can’t remember what. I was singing along I know that much. They both had really good voices.


As it was Hollywood themed, we had an awards show which we nominated our party organiser and canteen lady and they won Oscars. Then I just danced the night away, throwing some shapes, tweaking to Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. Also dance to loads of other songs, songs I don’t even know, songs I can’t even remember. I don’t know as the night went on, the more the drinks were flowing.


It was time to go home. Some people were getting tired and we had a mini bus shared with people so when they went, we went. I absolutely crashed when I got home. I had been up since 4am. It was such a good night and I haven’t been out on a night out in ages! Got so used to having nights in and doing other things. It’s nice to do it once in a while. 

Anyone else had any Christmas Party’s?

A x


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