Christmas Eve

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Hey guys! It’s Christmas Eve! It’s all very exciting! However it doesn’t feel like it’s Christmas tomorrow, it sounds weird just saying it. This year has flown past! Comment below on your favourite moment of 2014! 

I had work today at 8am and then got told that I could go home at 12noon! Such a good feeling as I really didn’t want to stay till 5 today. Then I went home and a really nice bath but I think I may of over done it with the bubbles! Which reminds me that I haven’t been to Lush in ages and I’d really like to get some bath bombs and some nice smellys from there. 

Then my boyfriend came over as he’s spending Christmas with me and family tomorrow. I also got all my Christmas presents together and that’s not all of them in the picture! I just got things throughout the year that I forgot about and ended up with so many. 

I then got changed,  just wearing some leggings and a baggy top. I’ve also painted my nails mint green with a nail polish from Rimmel. I shall do a review on this in a few days or so. Now, I’ve just ordered a curry, and watching Christmas films like Santa Clause and just watching Youve Been Framed Christmas Special. 

I hope everyone is having a really nice relaxing evening 🙂

A x


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