Hollister Haul


Hey guys! I haven’t done a haul in so long and those of you who saw yesterday’s post, saw that I went to Meadowhall and I ended up going to Hollister and got a few things from there. Honestly if Hollister were to being out an album I would get it. Every time I go in there I hear a load of songs I’ve never heard before but really like, so what I do is I have an app on my phone called “Shazam” and it’s brilliant you press the Shazam button, and it gets the song up for you and who it’s by and then saves it for you, so my Shazam is full of Hollister songs, which is fine except for Hollister is a dark place so when I get my phone out to “Shazam” it looks like I’m getting a torch out. 

1. The Fur Hooded Parker

image image image

I really needed a coat and after 4 months of saying this, I finically got one. I love the fur hood on this and that it’s detachable. It also has a zip as well as buttons to do it up with. It has a sherpa lining which makes it super cosy and this is in the hood too, so I will be really warm this winter. Not only that but it has front pockets and a drawcord at the waist. This only cost me £60 which I was so shocked at, it was a definite buy when I saw this!

2. The Black Swing Tank 

image image image

This is one of those essentials for your wardrobes. I love the way that the straps cross over at the back. I love the way that it fits when on me. It is a bit of a summer top however you could wear it now with a nice little blazer and some smart trousers and some nice little pumps. This tank cost me £12 which I didn’t think was that bad. 

3. The Grey Knitted Crop

image image image

I haven’t linked the exact top as I can’t find it but it wasn’t in the sale so I imagine it’s a new item. I really like how warm this feels on. I like the detail on the top, I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures, but it has a knitted pattern going downwards on the right hand side. I also like the zip along the side. This is a nice wintery top that I’ll be wearing with a pair of black jean style jeggings and some boots. This cost me £42.

4. The Pink Plaid Patterned Shirt

image image image

I love the colour of this, pink and blue, nice and girly, it’s a lot different to what I’d usually wear, however a nice change. The material is super soft on the skin made from cotton and fits really nice. I’d wear this with just a pair of jeggings or leggings and it will probably look really nice tucked into a denim skater skirt. This cost me £30 in the store however online you can get it for £24.20! Bargain! 

Thank you for reading, who else likes Hollister? 

A x


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