Update: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo


Hey guys! I’m afraid this is not going to be a very good post. I hate to right a bad review on a product even when im posting positive things to balance it out, I just don’t like writing negative feedback. However saying that, I can’t lie to my readers. Those of you who saw my post on the Palmers coconut oil formula conditioning shampoo, know I was really impressed with it, until I started using it as my main shampoo. Everyone’s hair is different therefore it might not be everyone suffering with this problem but after I had washed my hair, this left me with white residue which is just not good, and it’s nothing to do with the way I wash my hair, as I wash it the same way I have been doing for a long long time, and there’s been no problem so it’s just a shame that I found this flaw. 

Has anyone else been experiencing this? 

A x


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