New Seasonal Loves Part 4

Hello guys! It’s the weekend! This is the last post of the series of seasonal fashion loves. I’ve really enjoyed doing this as I love fashion so much. This last post features the high neck style and bandage dresses. If your visiting my blog for the first time and like this post, there is 3 others plus I did another series of posts exactly like this for winter at the end of last year. Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend 🙂

High Neck

I love this style at the moment, it’s so flattering for the shoulders and arms. I picked this vest because it’s a basic wardrobe item and has a nice flow to it when on. I also picked this boohoo top because I love the style and I love how casual it is. I then picked another vest for the print. Lastly I chose another LBD to add to the collection but I really love the straps on this. I love the high neck style and shall be definitely buying a lot more of this trend. 


Top left from: River Island £14

Bottom left from: Boohoo £18

Top right from: Miss Selfridge £18

Bottom right from:  New Look £12.99

Bandage Dresses

Bandage dresses are great aren’t they? An illusion to the way you look. Here I’ve got a River Island black one. It doesn’t look bandage as you can’t see because it’s black, but it is. A good way to update your LBD collection. Then my favourite one out of the four is this metallic dress. Love the colour, it just has a real nice textured look to it. Then we have this monochrome one, I love the style and the black band which separates the different compartments of your body up. Then we New Looks intake on it with a gorgeous colour of red and for something a bit different, it’s one shoulder. I like the dresses but I’m not a total body con fan. I do think it’s time for these to have their spotlight though.


Top left from: River Island £85

Bottom left from: Boohoo £30

Top right from: Miss Selfridge £n/a

Bottom right from: New Look £12

Will you be wearing bandage dresses or high neck clothing? 

A x


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