Detangling Comb


The Body Shop Detangling Comb £4

I actually got given this a few years ago as a freebie because I had spent so much. This is probably why it’s changed colour since then, rather than the green one I have from back then. I’ve been using this since early last year because my hair was breaking all the time partly to do with my brush, dragging the knots out and pulling them. I’ve also really wanted my hair to grow longer, by changing to a comb instead of a brush. I thought this would help. This has without a doubt, helped me to protect my hair and helped it to grow longer. I have noticed a huge difference, just by using a detangling comb. I find I don’t really get any knots anymore and if I do get the odd one, this comb won’t pull at it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their hair to be in better condition, also for those of you who are wanting longer hair. A simple thing like changing from a brush to a comb can do this, I was surprised myself. Now that I’ve tried it out and seen the difference and that it’s worked, I wouldn’t go back.

Does anyone else use a detangling comb rather than a brush?

A x


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