A Day To Lincoln

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On Saturday me and my boyfriend decided to have a day out to Lincoln, which is probably about an hour away from me. I don’t think I have been to Lincoln in months, it had been too long. It was nice to go somewhere different for a change and have a change of scenery. We headed to the town centre where we had a look in shops like, Next, H&M and River Island. I saw a lot of things I liked in River Island and they have a very cute swimwear range at the moment, that I am absolutely loving. After a few hours walking around, a Harvester was very much needed. I love Harvester it’s my favourite restaurant. I sipped on unlimited amounts of cherry coke. For those of you who doesn’t know, at Harvester you can have unlimited amounts of salad and soft doughy bread rolls, that everyone fights over, but they are so yummy. I had a dish that I think was called a chicken stack, which was chicken, bacon and cheese, served with chips and peas. The service was so quick which I was surprised at because my boyfriend had ribs which he said were the best he’s ever had. For pudding, because who doesn’t have pudding, me and my boyfriend shared a mint chocolate chip sundae and a stuck of cookie dough and brownie cake, I think it was.. yum! We then went to the cinema to watch  the Kingsman, I  will be posting a review on that at some point soon. After that we went home.

What did you do at the weekend?

A x


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