3 Easy Hairstyles For When Your In A Rush

Here are three easy hairstyles for if your just in a rush and need to get ready quickly, or for those who are like me and like their sleep and just want to get up that bit later and not spend ages straightening your hair but instead need a quick hairstyle. These are also good hairstyles for keeping your hair out of your face. P.S my hair isn’t that mismatched of colours, its the light!



Just simply twisting your hair can look really nice. Just twist a section of your hair and place with a grip. Repeat on the other side, if you wanted too.

A Simple Side Plait


All you need do to is plait a section of your hair and grip it to the side of your head. A nice clip would look pretty instead of a plain grip.

Gripping Your Hair 


For this one all you need to do is grip the sides of the front bits of your hair or your bangs, to the sides of your head. That way your hair stays out your way for the rest of the day.

Which one is your favourite?

A x


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