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Hey everyone! I’ve had some really lovely feedback from some of you this weekend, especially on Twitter, so thank you so much, I really appreciate it and it’s lovely to here. Last outfit of the day for a bit I want to move on to some other bits next week. Here I’m just wearing my laters haters slogan tee. I shall leave links to the items of clothing below. Then I’m wearing my printed jeggings. They’re really comfortable and have an elastic ages waist. I love these, I literally got them a week ago and have worn them quite a bit since. They look so textured and the price was a bargain. I just went for a laid back, comfortable look. You could dress these jeggings up or down though, a really nice oversized black coloured blouse would look nice over the top, or an oversized cosy knitted jumper. 

Who loves printed pants at the moment? 

Laters Haters Top From: Select

Printed Jeggins From: Select

A x


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