Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner

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(Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner £2.99)

I am totally converted to using gel eyeliner, however I wanted something for more of a softer look and one that I could smudge, an eyeliner pencil will do just that. Sticking with my favourite brand at the moment Rimmel, I decided I would get one from there range. I do already have their soft kohl one, but I wanted to try out their special eyes one and this one is even better than the soft kohl and the best pencil eyeliner I’ve had yet, and here’s why. This eyeliner glides on smoothly creating the perfect line of any thickness. Not only that but this is  jet black as I often find you can get eyeliners that look like black that you’ve used when you’ve been painting and the water you’ve been using has turned like a faded colour. Does that make sense? Basically it’s not a faded grey colour and doesn’t look blended with water. This will stay put for most of your day and is smudge able for that smokey eye look. At £3 it’s not a huge amount of money and I will definitely buy again.

What your favourite eyeliner to use? 

A x


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