12 Quick Tips About Fashion


We all like to look good and to some of us, fashion has a major part of involvement in our lives. I’ve come up with some quick tips that you may not know, to help you, with your day to day fashion problems, and hopefully find a solution to them. Whether it’s not having enough time to try things on when shopping, because of your busy schedule, or how to get stains out of clothes, hopefully this will help you..

1. Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

2. Organise your clothing from light to dark, this way your eyes will follow the colour and help you stay organised.

3. If you don’t have time to try on jeans in the store try the neck method. If you place the waistline of the jeans around the diameter of your neck. If the waistline of the jeans comfortably meets the back of your neck, then the jeans will fit.

4. Spray tights with hairspray to avoid holes and runs.

5. Break in too snug shoes by slipping them on with socks and blasting your feet with a hot hairdryer.

6. To stop squeaky shoes remove the insole and apply Vaseline or WD-40, before replacing it.

7. A pencil skirt should hit just at the top of your knee. Any lower and it will start to shorten your leg.

8. Want to make your bare legs look longer? Try shoes the same colour as your skin. This gives the illusion that your legs extend a few extra inches.

9. The easiest way to make your wardrobe look organised is to, buy all the same hangers for everything, same colour, same shape.

10. Pile on good accessories, sunglasses, scarves, hats etc, to transform even the most basic of outfits.

11. Cut down your wardrobe by asking yourself “if I were shopping right this second, would I buy this?”. 

12. Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain. 

A x


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