Having Fun Geocaching

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Hey guys! Today I did something really cool, I went geocaching. Geocaching can be done all over the world. There is over 2 million of them. You can do geocaching on an app on your iphone or android. It’s free to do or if you want to unlock more it’s £7.99. What you do is pick a location and find the coordinates with a compass on your map. It will then give you clues, the difficulty and tell you how small or big the box is. You then look for the box around the location your at and items will be left inside it and a log book. The items could be a yoyo, leaflets, postcards, anything, and you can put an item of yours in there, or swap it, or you don’t have to put anything in there at all. The log book you  write down your name, the date you found it and your postcode. You then put the box back where you found it and move to another location to find the next one. It’s really fun and addictive. 

Who else has done geocache? 

A x


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