A Day Of Zombie Training

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Hey guys, so on Saturday I took part in a zombie training day. This included archery, axe throwing and using an air rifle to shoot targets. We arrived at 11am and waited for everyone to get here. We then signed ourselves in and got introduced to the people who were going to show us what to do. We got split into 2 teams, we decided on a girls and boys team, but it didn’t make much difference in scores, as we were competing  against each other anyways. The first activity I did was axe throwing. You got a choice of 4 different axes, you got quite a few goes and got to try out 3 of them. The instructor demonstrated on what to do and we then went on from there. It was so much fun, you had targets to hit and  at the end of your practice run, you then took it in turns, one by one to trying and get as many axes on target as you possibly could. Then they write your score down. Next up was the air rifle. I hated every minute of this because the gun just scared me, it proper makes you jump. Sound a bit of a wimp don’t I? You get shown how to load it and then you again have paper with zombie targets on to hit. After some practice goes you then get 2 minutes to hit the targets as many times as you can. Last of all we did archery with the girls and boys together. Again we got shown how to do it and then it was time for us to have a practice. After the practice we had different competitions and then at the end we got to hit a dummy of a zombie. I love archery it was so much fun and I’d love to do it again. All in all I came joint 5th out of 11 people. If I enjoyed the air rifle, I reckon I could of came higher but I was being a wimp. The staff were really friendly and the banter was so funny. I would definitely recommend and go again. In case you was wondering I did this in Bardney near Lincoln and will leave the website down below. Check out my nasty bruise from archery too! Ouch! 

Website: Targeted4All

Has anyone else done something like this? 

A x


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