Something I Need To Get Of My Chest

Hey guys, got a bit of serious post on today. I really didn’t want to post something that was negative but I’m going to have to, as I feel I will feel better after I’ve gotten it out. I do have a contacts page with my email on and it’s basically for you guys, I say guys but your friends, to email for suggestions and for a chat or letting me know on what you think of my posts. However most of you understand that I can’t reply to you all the time because like most of you, I’m very busy. However some people and I mean very few, don’t seem to understand that and because I haven’t replied to emails, I’ve been receiving some hurtful comments on my blog, about my weight etc. I have managed to stop these from actually being published because if you have a blog you will know that you can approve comments before they actually get shown, it’s just it’s not very nice to see but that’s all. However for all of my followers/friends thank you so much for your support, your lovely kind words in your comments, I love blogging, and interacting with you all. 🙂


To make this post a bit happier, here’s a funny picture of my cat in a small box..

A x


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