Making A Comeback

Hello Guys!

It’s been so long since I have made a proper post, however here I am. Reason being is as most of you know now, I’ve just moved out for the first time and so I’ve been trying to get my house sorted. Most of its done now, there are still things to sort out however this has meant I’ve been very busy. Also I’ve had no wifi in my new home and have been waiting very patiently to get some and so from Monday I now have wifi. This has been a painful process seeing as I’ve had no signal at all because of the area, so I could literally do ¬†nothing. Anyways I mean this now that I can now post on a regular basis. Anyways enough about that, this week I stared the T25 challenge and I tell you what, it may only be 25 minutes but it really works you hard. This is in a good way though as you feel like you have actually done something. Only time will tell anyway. Has anyone done this workout before? Just realized how random that was to just type out. I have missed blogging so much and I’m looking forward to writing posts again and interacting with you friendly bunch. Thank you for being patient and thank you for sticking by me. I think I’m just waffling on now (story of my life) so I shall make a swift exit and return to doing what I was doing. Tonight will include watching Love Island and Big Brother. (Sad I know!)


P.S Did anyone see the Made In Chelsea Finale? What did you think?

A x


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