Photography Part 3

image image image image image image image image image image

Its been 5 months since I’ve done a photography post! I’ve been to a lot of places since then and taken a lot of photos too. I just love capturing moments. It’s hard to explain but say you see a tree, to many people its just a tree, but some of us its a great picture, capturing the contrast of colours, the light, would it look good in black and white, would it look good if you sharpened the picture. There’s so much you can do with taking pictures and sometimes nothing needs to be done to picture as the picture may speak for itself. Here is a few more pictures I’ve taken and also I love looking at other peoples work, so if your someone who likes to take pictures, leave a link below and I’ll take a look.

P.S I tried the no blogging at the weekend again and I still don’t whether to blog or not, I just want to make this a better blog, just bare with me in the mean time.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,

A x


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