Beautiful Christmas Charms By Pandora

Pandora has always been popular, but at Christmas its massively popular. I’m sure most of us have either been or seen the queues to get into the shop. I’m always jealous of people who can wear the bracelets, I remember trying on one ages ago in the smallest size, and it being to big for my wrist, but I think I’m going to have to try again. (It will fit my wrist!) The charms are so pretty and there are so many different ones to choose from. Not to mention they make a really special gift for those who are close to your heart. So while I don’t actually have a bracelet, I shall just enjoy talking about the charms instead.

Candy Cane Pendant CharmMittens Pendant CharmPine Cone Charm

I didn’t want to  share too many, so I’m just going to talk about 3 of them with you. These are the ones that would be on my wish list if I had a bracelet. My personal favourite has got to be the candy cane, I just love it and it looks really cute. Another charm that I really like is the little pair of mitten gloves. I like that there mainly silver, but the little hearts are in the colour are red, which brings something very warming to the charm, as hearts are warming. I like the fact that its a winter charm and not just symbolized with Christmas.  The third one I’m next going to be talking about is the pine cone. Who could not want this? Its simple, yet so lovely to look at. I love how there’s quite a few silver charms, that have a hint of red somewhere within them. The rest of the charms? You’ll have to have a look and see for yourself!

Who wouldn’t want something from Pandora this Christmas!

A x

*These images are not my own


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