Arbonne Makeup Primer

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I must admit, I don’t wear primers, it’s not that I choose not too, I just forget, however this primer is a game changer and  is one, that is going to make me not forget. I know you can’t see the primer on the skin, but I have included the above pictures to show you the amazing finish it gives. The base of my skin, is flawless and I’ve never seen my face looking so good.

The reason why I don’t wear a primer so often is because, Monday to Friday I’m at work, and when your working in a factory, it’s pretty pointless making a massive effort with your face. I love trying things I haven’t tried before and Arbonne was certainly that. You only need a small amount to apply to the face and I did this by using my fingertips. Its up to you where you want to put it, as some people prefer to put it on only certain places of the face, I put it on all over. The consistency of the primer is amazing! It’s silky soft, I can’t get over how smooth it is to apply and because of this you can probably tell it feels really lightweight on, not heavy. I literally feel like I never applied the primer in the first place, as its that light. This doesn’t clog up your pores if you have any either. This primer keeps my foundation staying matte and doesn’t make it feel oily. I would highly recommend.

What’s your favourite primer?

A x


5 thoughts on “Arbonne Makeup Primer

  1. soooo pretty with or without make up ,,,really find your web thingy so intresting ,,keep up the amazing stuff ,an amazing pics of you ,


  2. your very welcome ,an I appreciate you taking the time to reply an do all you do on your varied an intresing site thingy ,,,


  3. I absolutely LOVE the Arbonne primer! Its my fave! I understand not wearing it everyday! Not worth it when no one can appreciate all that effort you put in! Love your site btw! ;-D

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