The Faux Fur Princess Coat

image image image image image

Coat From Boohoo – £50

I don’t usually go for the colour navy, especially when it comes to coats, as I use to think that it was hard to match other clothing with, however I soon realized it was easy to match navy, as much as its easy to match black with clothes. Plus I fell in love with this coat, so I couldn’t ignore it. I would definitely recommend getting a size bigger, especially if your planning to wear this over layers. What I love most about this coat, is the way it goes in, and then flows out like a midi skirt. I have a few coats for casual days but none for the smarter days, so I thought this was really nice for going out to dinner etc. I also love the fur collar around the neckline, which just gives it a bit more detail. Unfortunately this only comes in the colour camel now, but it still look lovely.

P.S Its Christmas next week guys!

A x


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