The Ted Baker Splendour Set

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It’s no secret that I love Ted Baker, but this love has just got stronger after receiving this lovely gift, that I’m very thankful for. The packaging is gorgeous, with the pale toned, different sized flowers, covering the box. You get six lipsticks and six nail polishes, there’s a lipstick that matches a nail polish if you know what  I mean..

What I love most is the different varieties of colours you have here. You get a very long lasting matte lip with these lipsticks. They don’t dry my lips out or make them look lifeless. The colour of the lipsticks, is exactly what colour you get on your lips, as sometimes when you get a lipstick, the colour can look paler or brighter than what the lipstick looks. There is something here for everyone, whether its a nude lip you want, a pink lip you want, a statement red lip, or a dark and mysterious purple. There perfect size for travelling in your handbag for top ups. I love the individual packaging for each of these. I love the gold “T” on top of the lid and the gold engraving on the side, it makes the overall look, look like luxury, which is enough for anyone!

The nail varnishes are also true to colour. The colours are again, perfect for any occasion or whatever mood your in, and something you can use all year round. They are very bold and statement. The coverage is perfect, just 2 coats and your sorted. The varnish is actually very hard to chip, but I still wouldn’t wear it took work, as it doesn’t matter what nail polish I wear, it will always chip eventually. That’s what you get for a very hands on job though. Its not gunky when put on, it goes on nice and fine. Again the packaging is pretty and luxurious, with the white and gold theme. What more can a girl ask for?

Unfortunately this is out of stock at Boots and but you can get it from Amazon here. Or you can take a look at Ted Bakers other gifts here. 

Did anyone receive any Ted Baker gifts at Christmas?

A x


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