Murder Mystery With Red Herring Games

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This would be my third murder mystery now, with a different company, called Red Herring Games. Red Herring Games is a company that offers murder mystery events, as well as providing games for you to host at your own house. You can also hire them to be part of your own event. On this occasion I went to one of their events at Healing Manor, Grimsby. When we arrived we was a little bit early, so we went for a drink in one of their bars. The location was a lovely old converted barn, that is now been used as a hotel and other functions. The drinks were a bit pricey but that’s what you get, when you go to somewhere like this. The food smelt delicious, which made us even hungrier, but a good advertisement for what was coming later. We was then told that it was time to go to the function room, where our evening would begin. After checking ourselves in, we was given an activity pack each, which is something that I’ve not experienced before, usually your left to provide yourself with pen and paper. However the activity pack had room for notes, clues, and gave you names of the characters and a little bit of information about them. This was handy as previous times, I have forgotten the names of the characters. There was also a schedule of where our group was meant to be and what time. I loved how this was a multi room murder mystery, it was good advertisement for the hotel, but also made it fun, and I wouldn’t mind coming back again, for either a nice meal, or murder mystery.

Our group was first to have food and this included a buffet of BBQ pork, meatballs, chicken goujons, new potatoes, homemade bread, salad, chocolate torte and strawberry cheesecake. Everything was delicious and I was surprised that the food and murder mystery was only £25 each. You get more than what you pay for! After dinner, it was our chance to explore the characters from room to room. They were really good actors, and got you involved, it was a really good laugh. I had so much fun, that I didn’t actually get many pictures! When we arrived back in the function room, we filled out who we thought did it and why, and I actually felt positive that I got it right, to then find out that only one person got it right, and that was not me! I loved every second of this murder mystery and would love to go with this company again. Everyone was really friendly, including the staff there as well as the actors, and made it a really enjoyable night. I’d love to try out one of their games that you can do in the comfort at your own home. Check out their website below!


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