Granny Takes A Dip From Lush


I can’t help but sit hit here and keep re reading the title and being in stitches. Never did I think I’d be writing about granny taking a dip, it’s a good job there’s a lot of Lush fans out there, who will know what I mean! I know this is an original bath bomb now, and not a seasonal one, but I thought I’d try something different and use this as an experiment. See I never usually write one to one with bath bombs, it’s usually just hauls. I felt if I wrote more about one bath bomb in particular, you could get more of a feel to it, and more information, rather than just a few lines. Although I’ve just been thinking that the bath bomb The Experimenter, would be more fitting for this experiment post. Why didn’t I think of this before?!


Granny Takes A Dip is packed with lemon, and warming black pepper and ginger oils. The lemon is more uplifting and a refreshing kind of oil. I’m a bit sad when it comes to reading ingredients with bath bombs. As much as I like trying them all, it’s good to know what’s used to make them. I find by reading what’s inside, that will help you also remember your favourites, which then helps you find other things with similar ingredients, that you know you might like. The bath bomb really is as illuminous in colour, as it looks online. It’s appearance is fresh and funky, and will brighten up anyone’s bathroom. It’s a medium sized bath bomb, which gives you enough for two baths if you wanted, or one full of lots of bubbles. However if your anything like me, I try to get as much as I can out of bath bombs. Something also really fun to do, is mix different bath bombs together. Now that’s an experiment!

Let’s talk about the smell. The smell I understand isn’t for everyone, it’s quite spicy but has a hint of citrus too. Personally it’s not a scent I usually go for either, in my case with this one it was the looks. However you can’t judge a Lush bomb by its cover. I’m sure we’ve all made that mistake! Even the most boring can be the most surprising! The spice doesn’t over power the citrus, it actually has a really lovely balance too it, and makes it really even. What’s good about the lemon oil, is it is said to boost the mood. This is probably a good one to put in the bath in the morning, or to start your weekend off. I actually thought it’s a perfect smelling bath bomb, for the cold icy weather at the moment. Overall I quite liked the smell, it’s different from the floral, citrus, or sweet smelling ones that I am use too. It’s good to branch out!


Granny Takes A Dip probably isn’t in my top 5 but if I fancy something different and nice smelling, perfect for the colder months this would be the one. Under all the bubbles, it creates a phschedellic look with lots of colour. It doesn’t leave you bath covered in sparkle or anything like that, so your left with a normal bath tub!  As always your skin is left feeling super soft. As well as this it does make you feel good and is a nice pick me up, when you need it.

Have you tried Granny Takes A Dip? What are your thoughts?

A x


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