Must Have Sunglasses

Must Have Sunglasses


It’s official, Summer has arrived! Sunglasses season is officially back. I was looking st some sunglasses as I could do with a new pair, and thought actually why not making a post of a collection of my favourites at the moment while I’m browsing. Then wallah! This post was formed! I have put together sunglasses with thick frames, sunglasses with really thin frames, ones with patterned frames and ones with frames on the top but not on the bottom. I have made sure there is s selection for everyone. I really love the beige tones at the moment, I feel they suit any skin colour and go with pretty much anything. As you may of seen, Riverisland have some really lovely pairs at the moment, I could of probably done the whole post on Riverisland, but obviously I wanted to include different brands and different ends of the scale when it comes to price. All we need now is some sun!

Round sunglasses
£370 – row.jimmychoo.com

Marc Jacobs sunglasses
£240 – marcjacobs.com

£165 – blueandcream.com

House of Holland retro sunglasses

River Island sunglasses

River Island sunglasses

River Island sunglasses

Which pair is your favourite?
A x

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