Our Trip To Banham Zoo

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend, my sister and I, decided to go to Banham Zoo. I’ve never heard of this zoo before, but I would definitely go back, and recommend it to anyone who is near the area, or looking for a day out in the summer holidays etc. It only took us a few hours to get there and I live in Lincolnshire. We went on the Saturday and arrived at 11ish and didn’t leave till closing time at 5pm! We literally spent the whole day there, there is so much to do. Considering we went on a Saturday, weather its because the zoo is big or not I don’t know, but it wasn’t busy, which made it more enjoyable because you could just take your time, and see everything that you wanted to see.


They have 46 different species of animals, where their enclosures were really spread out and well kept. None of the animals looked stressed out at all, in fact they looked totally opposite, living their best lives. Throughout the day, there was lots of different talks, where you could watch the animals being fed and find more about them. Not only that, but they also do on the day experiences, where you can feed some of the animals yourself, they also do other zoo experiences too, but they are ones you’ll have to book in advance, but would make a lovely gift for someone special. I will be particularly, looking into the tiger experience, where you can feed them etc. The zoo was also really clean, plenty of places to sit and have a rest, plenty of photo opportunities and a reasonably priced café, and gift shop. The staff are also very friendly and welcoming, as well as full of knowledge and are happy to answer any questions you have.


I really enjoyed Banham zoo, we got to see all the animals, some more than others as I was told by my boyfriend and sister, “come on Amy, these are just birds” as you can tell, I’m one who likes to hang about a bit, watching each animal, but I had two hyperactive kids with me. (I count Dan (boyfriend) as a kid, as he is so full of energy and hyperactive haha!) In fact, I was considering returning them back to their home, the spider monkeys. What was nice was, we were able to see pretty much every animal, even the ones that you don’t usually get to see, and I think that is because of how big the enclosures were, with lots of viewing points. They have made it so that you can get as close as you safely can, to see the animals. Another nice thing was, there were also charity boxes dotted around, to raise money for different animals.


My favourite part, where we probably spent a good half hour at, was the tiger enclosure. If anyone knows me well, they know how much I love tigers, they are my favourite animal, and a few months ago I became a tiger protector. I didn’t really have high hopes for seeing them, as out of all the animals I could of picked to be my favourite, I choose a tiger, the one you don’t see a lot, however we got to see them, really close as well! Another thing I liked about Banham, was that they had animals there, I had never seen before, so that was nice and educating too.


The lemur enclosure was amazing! You get to go into their enclosure, while they are in there freely, obviously your not aloud to touch them, but it was a really nice added touch, to get up close to the animals, especially with an animal with such character. There’s also like a room where they have birds flying around, and we saw a sloth, which was weird but fascinating at the same time, you don’t realise actually, just how slow they are. There is also an enclosure for goats, which you can go in and stroke them.


If you have young ones, or like me, took a younger sibling there, they won’t be bored. As well as seeing all the amazing animals, there is a huge park for them to burn all their energy off, also a train that runs out throughout the day, which takes you around the zoo and is free. There is also a Go Ape! type thing, which you do have to pay for but isn’t overly expensive, and also face painting too. They also do this thing as well which is also free, where when you’ve paid, you get an activity sheet for children to collect stamps around the zoo. Once you’ve collected these, at the end you get a medal, my sister really enjoyed this and I think that it’s really good of them to make this free, when you’d probably be expected to pay extra elsewhere.

Be sure to checkout the rest of my photos in the slideshow. Look out for the lemur I caught mid air, jumping from a rope, and the ones that’s asleep that looks like me on a Monday morning at work. If you have any funny captions for the pictures, leave them down in the comment section, I love a good caption!

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I would go as far as saying this is one of the best zoo’s I’ve been too.

Thank you Banham for a great day, we will definitely be back!

If you’re interested in visiting Banham Zoo check out their website:

A x


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