The Christmas Perfume/Aftershave Guide

The amount of sleeps till Christmas is getting shorter and shorter by the day now (well obviously..) and it can be pretty hard knowing what to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife etc. A great choice is a nice expensive perfume/aftershave, everyone likes to smell nice and it makes anyone feel special to have a… Continue reading The Christmas Perfume/Aftershave Guide


5 Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes in life you just need some quotes to read. I find reading quotes make me happy and makes me reevaluate things, but also shows me a different take on things. All these quotes are saved on my phone, on a bad day I will go to look at them. It's like a wise voice… Continue reading 5 Inspirational Quotes


My Style Inspiration

I would't know how to describe my own style.I like to wear whats in fashion but if I'm going to do that I want to get something that's a little bit different and unique. As long as I am comfortable, that is the main thing for me and it's key. My main idol when it… Continue reading My Style Inspiration