My Listening Ear – Week 6


Hey everyone and a big welcome to all new followers, I can’t quite believe how much this blog keeps growing weekly at the moment, but thank you for all the support and love, it really is appreciated and means a lot to me. This weeks music playlist is definitely for us who do a lot of deep thinking. There isn’t any fast tempo upbeat songs this week, its a lot of acoustic, chill out and reflect kind of vibe. I’ve also found some new artists, its so nice when you discover new people. I hope you are all still enjoying this section of my blog, as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

Dave Thomas Junior – Silence

This song gives me so many goose bumps. I think because it makes everything I’m thinking and feeling so much more real. It definitely makes me think of a few people and situations that have happened. Especially a few people who have been silent recently, which is quite disappointing. This song is beautiful though and Dave’s voice is stunning. Ever listen to a song and it just touches you? That’s what this did to me. It was like everything just stopped for the few minutes I heard this, and I was just soaking up everything in the moment. It’s artists like this who deserve so much more credit than what they get. This just sounds so pure and so raw, and I don’t really have much else to say other than I just love it.

Ghostly Kisses – Empty Note

This song is so peaceful to my ears. This could sound really weird now, but ever hear a song and think, this would be a good one to drive too? It is just so calming and I love the lyrics. There is just something really magical about this song, and makes me feel things I wasn’t expecting to feel. It’s very rare to find artist like this these days, but I’m glad this came along into my life. I should point out that this is the acoustic version too, not the original version, which is just as good, but this just hit me in a different way to the original version.

Ben Platt – Grow As We Go

This song is so so so lovely! ¬†Also I keep watching the video over and over again, because the dance choreography is beautiful. I wish I had a dance partner to dance like that with. I love how he sings like he means every single word. I think it carries such a nice message, of two people growing together in a relationship and if it hasn’t clicked already, yes he is the guy from the Pitch Perfect films!

The 1975 – Be My Mistake (Acoustic)

This is definitely a deep thinking kind of song. I also love this side of The 1975, but wow this does get to the heart. I think we can all relate to this, whether we was the mistake ourselves, or where someone else was a mistake to us. Mistake is such a harsh word as well, its a word that means a lot and no one wants to be called. It means so much but none of them are good things. However it’s true, we do learn from them and if you are feeling like the mistake right now, just remember that even though its hard, you’ll get through it and whatever your feeling just let it out. If you want to cry, just cry, don’t keep it in.

Gracie Abrams – I Miss You, I’m Sorry

I just love Gracie’s voice, its so stunning. Another very relatable song, it actually takes me back to some weird times. Another artist who’s emotions and sound is so raw. It’s definitely worth checking out her other music as well, the lyrics to her songs can capture a lot of what your feeling, or have felt.

Sasha Sloan – Too Sad To Cry

The reason I actually clicked on this song, was because of the title. Too sad to cry are words that are very relatable ever since I’ve had depression, unless something really bad has happened, I actually can’t cry, the tears don’t physically come out, it just doesn’t happen as easy, but I will feel really sad, weird right? If there was ever a song to sum me up though, this is it. I’m glad I found it though, sometimes I feel like you’re meant to find things. Another person who’s voice is truly beautiful, I will definitely be checking out her other music now.

Halsey – Sorry

“Someone will love you, but someone isn’t me”. There’s a few people these lyrics spring to mind when I think about it. Again, another song that perfect sums me up. I’m not great expressing my own emotions and can come across like I don’t care at times, but it isn’t the case at all.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks choices!

A x



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