Northern Lights Hair

There's a new hair trend about and if you ask me I love it! Seeing as it's the time of year where you can see the northern lights, why wouldn't there be a hair trend to go with the theme. Made up of pinks, greens, purples and blues which is then dyed and ombred through… Continue reading Northern Lights Hair


Monochrome & Mysterious

Monochrome & Mysterious by minor3 featuring black earrings Polyvore is an app I'm addicted too at the moment, I love being able to create my own outfits. I saw this dress and instantly thought I needed to plan a monochrome outfit. I love this monochrome dress mainly for the print and when I saw a… Continue reading Monochrome & Mysterious


Halloween Cat Outfit Inspiration

Halloween Cat Outfit Inspiration by minor3 featuring nars cosmetics Hey everyone! This is something I just made up on my work break, seeing as it's halloween in 3 days! When at times your bored, go on Polyvore. Let me know what you guys think. I'm in love with the cat mask! Lace blouse Oasis… Continue reading Halloween Cat Outfit Inspiration


Must Have Motel Rocks Party Dress

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration by minor3 featuring lips makeup This is the perfect Christmas party dress and one I reckon will sell out quite quickly. I love the fact that the dress is covered in sequins, you couldn't have more of a statement dress if you tried. Its £45 which I think is an average… Continue reading Must Have Motel Rocks Party Dress