Save The Children Charity Ball


Last night I went to save the children charity ball. It was a really lovely evening. It started at 7pm and finished at 1am. I am tired. I sat on a table of 10 with my boyfriend’s family and my family. There was a welcome drink of champagne, which I think is playing with my head this morning. There was also a photographer, who was really good and professional, and a three course meal.

For starter there was a choice of, tomato and basil soup, prawn cocktail, and garlic breaded mushrooms. The main was a carvery with either either beef, turkey or gammon. If you was a vegeterian, you got to choose the meal you would like.  Then for pudding there was a choice of, fruit salad, lemon and raspberry cheesecake or chocolate fudge cake. The food was yummy and the chocolate fudge cake was to die for!

After our three course meal, we then had a magician come round our tables. He was very, very good! However he did announce to I’d say, the entire room, that me and my boyfriend were getting engaged, when we actually weren’t. However it was all just a bit of fun. There was then a raffle, I didn’t win anything, neither did any of my table haha. We’re just not very lucky. Then there was a live band for the rest of the night, who were rather good, singing songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Overall a really enjoyable night, for such a good cause, and the government have said they will double, the total amount we made yesterday night!

You can find out more, what save the children charity here: Save The Children

A x


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