The Glittery Nails Look


The other day, you may of seen I went to a ball. I needed to do something with my nails, to match my dress and make them look pretty. It took me a while to think, but after browsing around for some inspiration, I decided to do something sparkly. 

To start of with, I applied a base coat in my choice of colour, because this nail varnish gives good coverage, I didn’t need to apply another coat, however you may feel you need too. After leaving them dry, I applied a clear top coat. However before this dried I sprinkled over the glitter so it had stuck to the nail. You can use any glitter for this, it doesn’t have to be a special nails one. I do recommend though that if you do use your own glitter, get one that has holes in the lid, like hundreds and thousands, this way it’s not all pouring out at once. After the glitter had stuck, I then applied another 2 top coats. Then your good to go! A quick but effective look!

Nail varnish from: Binky Nails

A x


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