Diversity Tickets!


Hey guys! So yesterday my Diversity tickets came through the post. Me, my little sister and my mum are so excited. This will be the 3rd tour of theirs I’ve seen, and we’ve seen them in other bits and pieces to like Move It, earlier this year when we got to meet and greet. For this tour though, we are going to Sheffield to see it, on the 5th of December. For those who don’t know who Diversity are, they are a street based dance group and won Britains Got Talent back in 2009, and ever since have gone on to really successfull careers, touring all over the Uk, and having their own tv shows. It is really exciting to see what they will bring to their tour this year, as just when you think they can’t get any better, they prove you wrong.

Who else has got tickets?

You can check out some of their choreography here

A x


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