Dry Shampoo

Hey guys! Dry shampoo is a must in any girls book. It is a life saver! Dry shampoo is basically what it says in the title, however like normal shampoo it doesn’t keep your hair clean for a few days. Dry shampoo is good for if you haven’t got time in the mornings before school or work etc. You just simply spray it on your hair and rub it in. It works by absorbing oils from your scalp and your hair, making it look freshly washed again. Then your good to go for the day! Here are 3 dry shampoos I’ve used and my reviews on them.

1. Charles Worthington £5.99


This product is for any hair type. I have been really disappointed with this and struggle to find something good to say. It does do the trick however when apply it on to my hair it goes everywhere. I then rub it through my hair and its falling all over my clothes and my floor. Not only that but trying to rub it through my hair is a real pain in the butt. It comes out white and it’s hard to blend into your hair. I’ve gone to work and people are like “are you turning grey” I should hope not at 19. Also it’s a pain to comb out. 5/10 

2. Batiste – £1.99


Again I got this for my brunette hair and the product works really well with it. The product leaves my hair looking clean and fresh all day. Not only does it do this but it gives my hair lots and lots of volume, more than when I wash and blowdry my hair! It also feels really light in my hair, and not making me feel like my hair is claustrophobic in loads of product. Only downfall is when I rub this through my hair, I get brown fingers from the product, however that is nothing really to complain about,  nothing a baby wipe can’t handle. 9/10

3. Girlz Only Haircare – £2.66


This one is for girls with brunette hair. The good things about this product is that, when I rubbed it in I didn’t get any of the shampoo left, on my hands and it smells good. However it starts the day well, my hair looking reasonably clean and then throughout the day, this seems to change and make my hair look like a mop. *sad face* Not only does it do this but I don’t know what happens in the products bottle, but the product seems to evaporate, so you can only get approximately  4 uses out of it, rather disappointing. 6/10

Overall out of all these I’d go for the Batiste product. They don’t just do them for dark haired, they have one for light too. It’s reasonably priced too. What’s the best dry shampoo brand for you?

A x


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