What’s In My Bag?

Hey guys! I thought this would be quite fun to do, and it’s made me realise how long ago I last cleared my bag out. Oops! Don’t forget to comment below and tell me, what’s in your bag. 🙂


Clockwise from left to right 

  • A load of receipts! By a load I mean a lot, there is probably like 50 receipts there, but don’t worry, they’re in the bin now!
  • My keys! Who looses their keys like alllll the time? I’m getting better though!
  • A biro. They always come in handy!
  • A collection of cinema tickets..
  • If you can see it, a hair grip 🙂
  • Cold and flu tablets so I can be cold free!
  • My purse 🙂
  • A 2 for 1 Market Rasen horse racing ticket..
  • A really painful headband but oh so pretty
  • 2 Harry Potter badges.. don’t ask!
  • Some jewellery 🙂
  • Lastly some coppers. I hate change.

So there’s the contents of my bag not very exciting. On a more exciting note.. it’s the weekend! What’s everyone’s plans? 

A x


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