Ins & Outs

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not posted in a few days, unfortunately I had some bad news, so I just needed to take some time out. Moving forward, here are my ins and outs of today, let me know yours by commenting below! 🙂


  • Realising that it’s pay day on Friday! Yippee! Lots of Christmas shopping to do! Who’s done there’s or started?
  • Ted Baker’s new party dress collection! It’s beautiful!
  • It’s only 49 days until Christmas! Who has an advent calendar? 
  • By the end of the day I will be caught up with what’s happening in Made In Chelsea 🙂
  • It’s getting colder! This means cosy nights, mugs of hot chocolate, Christmas films, wintery food etc I love winter!
  • It is my favourite day of the year! Bonfire night! Woohoo!


  • Being tired. This week I.have.been.shattered.
  • Having no tv in my room. *thumbs down* I really need to sort this out!
  • People who feel like they are above you, and that they can talk to you however they want.
  • 1 year ago today my cat went missing, and she’s never come back.. 😦
  • Wanting to buy something but it’s sold out. Poo.

A x


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