The Equalizer Review



Title Of The Film : The Equaliser

Year It Came Out : 2014

Genre : Mystery and suspense 

Director(s) : Richard E. White, Antoine Faqua, David S. Lazan, Phillip A. Patterson

Lead Actors : Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloe Grace Moretz, Melissa Leo, Haley Bennett, David Harvour, Bill Pullman

You may have noticed that I’ve been to see a lot, a lot, of films at the moment. I think I’ve gone a bit cinema crazy. The Equalizer is a film my boyfriend has been wanting to see for a while now, and it was his turn to choose a film to watch, so this is what he picked. I wasn’t overly keen on going to see this on first thoughts, however you can read on to see if I was pleasantly surprised.

McCall is a former black ops commando, who has faked his death, to live a quiet life in Boston. However when a girl, Teri, lands in danger, he decides to not ignore it, but to try and rescue her. By doing this, he finds himself face to face with viscious Russian gangsters, who he try’s to defeat, one by one. Can he defeat them? Can he help the people of Boston? 

I thought having Denzel Washington as the equalizer was a brilliant choice. When I saw that he was playing the part I thought yes, you couldn’t have chosen a better actor that fits the bill. He got into the role effortlessly and came accords cool, which was his character. This film has done him justice, as I think this is a big film for him and certainly a film I will remember him by. You see Chloe Grace Moretz who acted in Kickass, a film that was disappointing, as a different actor in this. She still plays a young character but someone a bit maturer and young but grown up manner, if that makes sense? I think her acting career could take a change for the better now, and she’ll see more opportunities coming her way.

So apart from the actors that I liked in this film, I also liked how well thought out and clever it is. For example the equalizer’s plot to kill of the Russians and defeat them. I like the fact that the film isn’t rushed too, for the story line, the film is the right length of time, as I find some films like this rush scenes, which can then get a little bit confusing and can leave you lose track of what’s going on. I was actually surprised at how drawn into I got, it wasn’t half as bad as what I thought it was going to be.

What I didn’t like about this film was how gory it is. If you are a boy, your probably thinking either A) You are definitely a girl writing this. B) What’s negative about that, stop moaning, or C) Gory? That sounds so cool, get me watching this film now! Just there was a scene in particular which made my rating of the view go down, as there was some gory deaths shown and then a replay later on of it, which for me wasn’t that nice. This also made me think how they passed this film off with a certificate of a 15? I don’t know how it works but I’m pretty sure they just scraped that certificate being allowed to be a 15, maybe I’m just being dramatic? 

Overall though I generally liked this film, I personally wouldn’t of chosen it, but I have now seen it and I was pleasantly surprised. If you are someone who likes a lot of action films, then yes this film has just that, and for you it would be worth a watch. 

Rating: 8/10

A x


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