My Hair Routine


Hey guys! I just thought I’d share with you my hair care routine, when it comes to washing my hair. For me looking after my hair is one of the most important things, and I’m trying hard to grow it and so far, so good! I use products from the Aussie range, as I feel this really works for my hair and I don’t mind paying the price when it works. I think everyone has a certain brand that works for their hair and Aussie happens to be that for me. 

1. Firstly I come my hair through making sure there’s no tangled. Then I wet my hair, and then with either the Aussie miracle moist shampoo or the take the heat shampoo, I spread the shampoo all over my hair leaving the bottom of my hair just wet. I do this because your hair on your scalp, is the youngest and therefore will be the oiliest. I then leave this for 5 minutes and rinse off.

2. Next I then get either my Aussie miracle moist conditioner, or my take the heat conditioner, and apply that to the ends of my hair. I only apply this to the bottom of my hair, because that hair is the oldest and therefore is the most fragile. I also left this on for 5 mins and then rinsed off. Leaving your conditioner and shampoo on for 5 minutes each, leaves your hair silky and soft.

3. Most of the time I like to leave my hair to dry naturally, as I don’t like to put a lot of heat on it. Rewind me back to a year ago, and heat would of been my answer for everything. Anyways when my hair is damp, I like to spray the hair insurance conditioner on it, I know I already put conditioner on my hair but this just makes it easier to comb through, and makes my ends look better. I always use a comb. I got an anti tangle comb for the Body Shop, which is great. Using a comb, combs through the tangles, rather than pulling them and breaking the hair. Then that’s it, that’s my hair care routine!

What are your tips for looking after your hair?

A x


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