The Vitamin E Moisture Cream


Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about something I have been using lately, and that is the vitamin e moisture cream, from the Body Shop. This is such a good cream. It is £11 however just a little bit, goes a long way, and this will definitely last you a long time. Not only does it last a long time  but it smells good too, like a perfume in a cream, or a bit like baby lotion. When applied to the face it is not oily or greasy, but the skin absorbs it well. It also has a nice texture and is very hydrating. The good thing about this cream is it’s very light on the skin, and doesn’t clog up any pores, not surprised it’s a best seller product. Overall I will be using this cream a lot more, and will try out the night cream from the vitamin e range too. 

Vitamin E moisture cream 

A x


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